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Starting with 2019 Agisoft Photoscan Becomes Metashape, an improved and adapted version of new techniques in the field.

What is Agisoft

Agisoft Metashape is a last generation software solution, with photogrammetry based on the central part of the software engine designed at absolute limits, while the whole system is designed to generate specific results for this field based on automatic learning techniques for post-processing tasks and analysis.

The Software allows to process images from RGB or multispectral cameras, including multi-camera systems, in cloud-uri with dense points, polygonal models textured, real orthomosaics with Georeferinte and DSM/DTM.
Additional Post-processing allows the removal of shadows and artifacts from texture, calculation of vegetation indices and extraction of information for the action maps of agricultural equipment, automatic classification of clouds with dense points Etc.

Very fast and extremely accurate
Local or cloud processing
Intuitive UI and stereo mode

Based on the latest generation technology developed by Agisoft, Metashape allows for very fast processing, while providing very precise results for both aerial photography and proximity (up to 3 cm for aerial photography and Up to 1 mm for the proximity)

Agisoft Metashape can process over 50,000 photos from a local group due to distributed processing functionality. Alternatively, the project can be easily sent to the cloud to minimize hardware investment, and all processing options continue to be available.
The software package has a linear workflow based on the project that is intuitive and easy to administer even by a non-specialist, and photogrammetry specialists can benefit from advanced functions such as stereo mode and have complete control over the accuracy Results and a detailed report is generated at the end of the procesation.


+ Support for digital cameras/film/video and multi-camera systems
+ Processes images from frame/fisheye/spherical/cylindrical cameras
+ Works well with most UAV devices
+ Is integrated with LIDAR workflows with cloud import of points
+ Export results to broad support formats
+ Support for most coordinate systems and configurable vertical data systems
+ Works in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux


+ Extremely accurate and detailed results
+ Fully automatic and intuitive workflow
+ GPU acceleration for faster processing
+ Network processing for large projects
+ Cloud processing for infrastructure saving
+ Reasonably powerful Standard Edition for artistic projects
+ Easy sharing with fast exporting PDF/fly through and direct upload to online resources
+ Stereoscopic measurements for precise extraction of functions


+ Air triangulation and proximity
+ Incremental Image Alignment
+ Generate dense cloud and auto categorisation
+ DSM/DTM generation
+ Real Orthomosaic generation in user-defined projections
+ Flawless automatic refinement for traditional orthomosaics based on DTM
+ Impeccable manual editing
+ Generating elevation contour lines
+ Georeferences using flight registers and/or GCP
+ Automatic detection of coded and non-coded targets

+ Measurements of coordinates/distances/zones/volumes
+ Multispectral image processing and calculation of vegetation indices
+ Generating textures with delighting and deghosting filters
+ 4D reconstruct for dynamic scenes
+ Generating and visualizing hieric organized models
+ Rebuilding Polygon Models
+ Spherical panorama stitching function
+ Built-in Python scripts for automating tasks
+ Headless Operating support

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