Professional Blog drones of custom type, in the field of security

November 13, 2019

Security is an essential segment in all aspects of modern life. The need for personal and collective security has become a main objective on the list of priorities of any individual or commercial agent. Unfortunately, with the acceleration of technological advances and the efficiency of technological processes, the methods of theft and violation of rights on private property have also kept the step. Regarding the private sector and economic agents that operate through trade, storage, maintenance and inspections, but also intermediation with storage are among the most common targets of the theft of goods. These incidents cause damage that can influence a semester, or even a whole fiscal year slowing down or jeopardizing the actual activity and potential of the agent and its staff.

Dronezone proposes as the primary objective of predicting the perimeter of private agents before the action is completed and the complete avoidance of damage by using the latest patented technology in the field of autonomous aerial platforms equipped with the latest generation sensors of global profile leaders.

The classical methods used welcome obstacles both in the context of the protection of mobile objectives through the high costs of temporary mutations and the logistics of equipment and in the case of permanent objectives requiring the equipping of sensors on the entire Surface for optimum coverage.

A fleet of autonomous drones, made By The Dronezone and destined for the supervision and security of the perimeters of any nature, already serves in the service of the oil security agents .

Increased adaptability to any environment facilitates the preparation and rapid installation of the monitoring system. The platforms are designed and constructed in Romania and benefit from full integration into the national system. The construction and sensors with which the drones are equipped vary according to the needs of each objective of interest.

Permanent daytime and Night surveillance can be performed with minimal personnel and maximum Security by equipping IR sensors and RGB Zoom cameras that play Real-time footage on the ground in HDR format through 360 eyesight and register on board in both Spectre with flight times of up to 50 minutes in normal mode with a single battery. The surveillance platforms are equipped with high-performance motors, aiming for moving targets up to 70km/h. The intervention in the case of the gaps is performed with the large fingerprint drones , equipped with sensors and warning and dispersion equipment in accordance with the legislation in force. The recovery of the investment records a time record compared to the fixed solutions for surveillance.

Also, drone solutions involve the involvement of a single operator who can cover perimeters up to 60 hectares per mission. Direct video link in real time can be available to both the drone operator and directly to the company's dispatching.

At the same time we consider important the local element as the development of these sensors can be easily replaced by the existing platforms thanks to the construction modularity while maintaining minimal costs for our clients for both improvements and warranty and fast service regime.