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The drones presented on the site are just a few models that have already reached our customers.

Because the drones we make in the Dronezone workshop are used in various industries, the first question we ask our clients is


Whether Forbim about cameras, video, zoom, sensors or other types of equipment, the aerial platform will be set up around that central piece, called payload.

Contact us to discuss the details of your project and together we'll find the right configuration.


Uses 3 basic systems: laser scanning for a better distance measurement, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for orientation recording.
The principle of measurement is based on the recording of the time that the laser beam travels back from the recording system to the touch of the target


• Allows to accurately measure and render the soil morphology;
• Partially penetrates vegetation, providing information on the type, size and influence of the water, as well as the surface of the land;
• It is a quick method of compiling the Digital Terrain Model (DTM), which would be virtually impossible to achieve with such precision by terrestrial measurements;
• Combining and data from aerial photos, offers a complex image of the area studied.
• Obtaining the indormatism quickly compared to traditional methods


+ Agriculture
+ Coastal Cartridges
+ Pollution level
+ Archaeology
+ Construction
+ Volumetry
+ Forestry Studies
+ Soil Erosion Control
+ Urban Planning
The images are results from the detection of heat and small differences in temperature between a subject and the environment.
FLIR ensures the detection of persons, animals, remote means of transport, on a large area, even in zero lighting conditions.
The thermal cameras are very easy to use and the interpretation of the images is simple, without the need for expert knowledge.
Whether you want to perform surveillance missions day or night, with the help of the double room stabilizer is not necessary to change the rooms.


+ Forest fire Detection
+ Heat Loss Inspection
+ Surveillance
+ Securtity
Precision agriculture begins with the information taken over by the multispectral sensors.

High resolution images,
Multispectral images,
Thermal imaging

Get everything with one flight!

Altum by MicaSense integrates a radiometric thermal chamber with five high resolution multispectral bands, thus providing a complete solution.
Improved resolution means more accurate information and more detailed maps.
Georeferenced maps can be used on machine computers that will be used later.


+ Agriculture
Whether we are talking about aerial inspections or surveillance done with the drone, the zoom cameras give you clarity and the smallest details.
Thus, you can keep an appropriate distance from the inspected or supervised subject, and make sure your equipment is safe.


+ Safe Working Environment
+ Reducing Downtime
+ High quality images and video
+ Access to hard-to-reach areas


+ Wind Turbines
+ High-rise buildings
+ High Voltage Poles
+ Current Lines
+ Bridges
+ Construction
+ Salvamont
+ Security
+ Natural Disasters
+ Traffic Monitoring

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The surveying drones revolutionize how field inspectors and construction specialists use air technology, resulting in huge savings of time and money compared to traditional methods. UAVS allow GIS professionals to acquire, process and provide geographic data of the land in a timely, accurate and secure manner.

Get an overview of the crops in a very short time. Precision Agriculture

Whether you are offering advice to several farmers on the territory of Romania, whether you are trying to keep your own cultures as healthy and predictable as possible, we can help you.
By using drones in agriculture, farmers can benefit from maps that contain information about the clues of vegetation. Based on the maps obtained, they will know where to spray fertilizers because the soil is poorer, where irrigation is necessary because the area is dry and where it is necessary to treat plants because they are affected by pests.
Quad drone with FLIR

Surveillance and Air inspection

Professional drone equipped with sensors such as FLIR (thermal camera) or zoom, provides all the necessary details for a surveillance mission or an aerial inspection.
The FLIR DUO PRO R sensor combines the two types of spectre, visible 4K and thermal.
Training drone

Training sessions in the work environment of our clients.

In order to simulate the situations that UAV operators may encounter on the ground, they are trained in their working environment or at the Dronezoneheadquarters.


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